Lee Everett was the licensed builder and construction supervisor for Hattiesburg's only Extreme
Makeover - Home Edition home, built for the Heathcock family in December 2009. Click Photo to Read.
I grew up going to construction sites
on the week-ends and summers with
my father and helping him hang
wallpaper.  I can’t remember not
being around new construction, so
becoming a home builder – being
responsible for the construction,
workmanship, costs and scheduling
of the complete house – was a
natural direction for me to pursue as
an adult.

Over the years families who trusted
me to build their home were assured
of  having their actual construction costs within a small percentage variance of their budget – so they could arrange their
financing with confidence.  And my experience with subdivision housing has helped me to develop a subcontractor base that
provides my clients with high quality workmanship on time at a cost effective price.

I have been involved in every aspect of the construction business. I have built  over 200 houses including affordable homes,
subdivision homes, expensive homes and custom homes.  One thing has remained a constant throughout – my quality
workmanship standards are the same for each house I build– HIGH!  

So when you read my slogan –
“Offering Premiere Quality without Premiere Pricing!” – I want you to know that what it says is
what I do.

Building a home is a major undertaking and  the experience should be filled with positive memories – so hiring the right builder is
a very important decision.  I encourage you to read through my website so you will learn about me and I hope that you will feel
comfortable contacting me with any questions. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.
Premiere Homes by Lee Everett is a new custom homes and commercial builders in Hattiesburg, Oak Grove, Petal and other areas of South Mississippi.